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          Talent StrategyTalent Strategy
          Talent StrategyTalent Strategy

          In today's society, the most important factor determining the development of enterprises is not capital, not technology, but talent. Talent is the most valuable wealth of an enterprise, the link to maintain the enterprise, and the soul of the company's development. The company believes in the management concept of "people-oriented and talent oriented", attaches great importance to the development and training of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents and create a platform for employment, so as to retain talents by career, development and culture, so as to enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees. In the process of the overall operation of the enterprise, we should actively introduce advanced management mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, give full play to their talents, make the enterprise and employees grow together, and achieve a win-win situation between the enterprise and employees.

          The company adheres to the principle of "horse racing does not match horse racing" and takes "performance is superior to qualification, ability is higher than education background" and "both ability and morality" as the employment standard to encourage employees to show their talents. At the same time, if the enterprise wants to develop, it must constantly improve the overall quality of employees. The company puts forward the slogan of "training is the greatest welfare of employees, and development is the best return of employees". It actively creates a good learning atmosphere, coaches employees' career planning, does well in the planned training and development of employees, improves their comprehensive quality, fully explores their potential and promotes their growth.

          By continuously strengthening the improvement of human resources, effectively integrating human resources and optimizing human structure, the company has transformed advanced human resource management ideas into advanced productivity suitable for the development of the company, established and improved the process system of various modules of human resource management, greatly improved the management level of human resources, mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, and promoted the failure of the enterprise No growth.

          We firmly believe that talents are the real driving force of enterprise development, employees are the wings of our take-off, we are the stage for employees to show, employees and we are dependent on each other for common development. Therefore, we advocate the people-oriented management thought and carry out the people-oriented management policy, and propose: "the so-called enterprise management is the management of talents; the so-called industry competition is the competition of talents". The modern enterprise human resource management concept of "people-oriented, human resource oriented and dynamic" has been formulated.

          The company adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented and talent oriented", which makes the talent strategy of the enterprise develop in an all-round way. The first is to strengthen the selection mechanism, implement the post competition for management personnel, and achieve the mutual matching of Posts and talents. Second, strengthen staff training and development, build a learning organization, provide training and learning opportunities for employees, and take the road of learning enterprise development. At the same time, in order to mobilize the learning enthusiasm of employees, we will vigorously carry out three comparisons (comparison of ideal, technology and contribution), three innovations (creation of beautiful environment, excellent order and civilized unit), commend and reward the winners, and form a strong learning atmosphere within the enterprise. Third, according to the principle of "making the best of people and talents", improve the personnel appointment management mechanism, strengthen the process incentive, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and provide the stage and development opportunities for employees to display their skills. Fourth, we should widely listen to the rationalization suggestions of employees, strengthen the interaction between enterprises and employees, and form a good phenomenon that enterprises treat employees kindly and employees love enterprises. We should create an environment and atmosphere combining standardized management and humanistic management, cultivate the sense of honor of employees, and stimulate the enthusiasm of work.

          Adhere to the principle of "respect people, trust people, understand people", strengthen emotional communication, cultivate the sense of ownership of employees and team members, and create an enterprise family team atmosphere. Under the influence of "people-oriented" corporate culture, cultivate the spirit of "pioneering and enterprising, cooperative dedication, respect for the post and love for the industry" of every employee, build corporate team cohesion, and create greater value for the enterprise and the society!
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